Only 18 And I Had Cervical Cancer

Only 18 And I Had Cervical Cancer

In December 2013 I started to get symptoms bleeding discharge and painful sex I looked my symptoms up on line I kept seeing the words cervical cancer, I was scared so I went straight to the doctors where they took some swabs and water samples I was given antibiotics for a water infection all tests came back clear.

On my fifth visit they gave me an internal examination where they discovered a growth and my cervix was swollen and bleeding within two days I had an appointment with colposcopy.

I had a 4 and a half cm tumour across my cervix they took a biopsy but because I was only 18 I was told i was too young for cancer and I could go in the week after to have the growth removed, three days later I had a phone call to go up the hospital where me and my mother was taken in a room and was told so sorry you have cancer.

I had all the hpv injections in school I thought I was safe but it doesn’t cover all the strains, then after lots of scans and a op I was staged at 2b it had spread to my lymph nodes my treatment was chemotherapy radiotherapys and bracotherapys it took away my fertility and put me on the menopause at the age of 18 , I am 16 months in remission I have four more years before I get the all clear I have radiotherapy damage to my bladder I’ve been bleeding from my urine now for 8 months and living off pain killers until they find the right treatment.

But I’m here I’m lucky I love my life through out I have tried to remain positive my moto is there’s always someone worse off it could have been a lot worse.

I will always raise awareness for cervical cancer and will campaign to reduce the smear age from 25 down to 18 my petition is still open and in the hands of my mp

Please ladies if you are 25 and lucky enough to have the right to have a free smear test on the NHS please do never miss never think it won’t happen to you CANCER has no age limit and can hit you anytime let’s catch this cancer early all my love Jess Xxxxxxxxx PLEASE SHARE FOR AWARENESS



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