Parents Are You Aware What Five Nights At Freddy’s Really Is?

Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) is a series of point-and-click horror games for PC and mobile made by independent game developer Scott Cawthon. The game’s settings and characters vary from game to game, but the premise between them remains the same: You, looking through the eyes of the games’ protagonists, must stay alive for five or six days against an onslaught of animatronics who want your blood.

It is a good game for teens. However, the background story isn’t. So one day a guy dresses up as a character from the restaurant and lures kids into the back to murder them. To hide their bodies he puts them in the robots. Over time people notice blood coming out of the robots mouth. If you look around on the later five nights at Freddy’s┬áthe poster of the 4 kids laughing turn into 4 kids crying. When you know the story the game is SO much scarier

Five nights at Freddy’s seasons 1-4 and Sister Location tells the story of five+ children getting murdered by a costumed, mentally insane entertainer. There are also Springlock failures, where a costume crushes an employee. The characters themselves are possessed by dead children, and kill any night guard they encounter. There are also heavy implications of the Springlock robots kidnapping children and crushing them within them, and the survivors being gassed and used for deranged experiments. The last thing I want to note is a character named Springtrap, who has exposed, crushed internal organs and a visible corpse skull when he lifts his mask.

So, yeah, not a thing for the kids to be playing.

Obviously it is entirely up to you if you allow your young children to watch the videos on YouTube or to play the game but I thought it best to let people know the back story, I didn’t think anything of it after all places like Smyths stock lots of FNAF toys and I believed it was aimed at children but even the creator has stated it is not for a young audience.

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