Period Poverty Is A Load Of BullS**T

Period Poverty Is A Load Of BullS**T

What is all this rubbish about period poverty, according to some “experts” 1 in 10 girls can’t afford to buy menstrual products, well I say what a load of rubbish, you can pick up a pack of sanitary towels for under 50p, if they cannot afford that then clearly they are soon going to die as they must be homeless, foodless and close to a pending death…. 50 bloody pence how can this be period poverty.

What are these girls and woman buying that is so expensive are they bleeding in to diamonds and gold???

One site claims menstrual products cost more than £18,000, in a women’s life (approx £13 every month)!!! oh piss off I spend one whole pound a month.

Did you know you can buy Tesco essentials sanitary towels (pack of 10) for only 23p.

Mate why are we mak out that girls are housebound during their periods and missing school, this is a bullshit excuse for them to sit at home and take snapchats or watch a Netflix series.

Period poverty in the Uk is absolute rubbish, if you are a parent and cant find 23p for your daughter to bleed in maybe you need to look at your life and make changes, all this is are more snowflakes crying because they have to pay a few pence tax on the product or deem that they shouldnt have to pay as they do not have a choice but to bleed every month… well there are choices…. free bleed and be part of the growing creepy trend, buy some god damn cheap sanitary towels, or a reusable menstrual cup, shut up, woman have been bleeding since forever… you crazy woman make me fear for the future

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  1. Those cheap ones don’t hold a lot. As a teenager I had really heavy bleeds for up to 8 days so what you’re saying is shit!! I had to use decent heavy duty ones which ARE expensive

  2. These are the families who rely on foodbanks to survive, sanitary products are not available there. There are also those parents who don’t care about their children enough to purchase them.

    50p or £3 it all mounts up if you don’t have anything.

  3. I am in my 60’s now and gone through the menopause so I don’t have to budget for any sanitary products but I can say this that cheap towels and the cup would have been totally useless for me!
    PS Must be a man that has written this?

    1. You are right about the cheap sanitary towels but wrong about the cup. I had very heavy periods leaving the red trail of embarrassment everywhere i went despite tampons and pads. The menstrual cup was the best thing I ever got and £20 (or thereabouts) would do the job for years for most women. Easy, convenient and cheap and eco-friendly compared to disposable stuff.

    2. This is a Man who has written this. NO woman in there right mind would ever say the horrible disgusting things written above. What a disgrace you are, not showing any compassion or understanding for girls and women in need.

  4. As a child my grandmother bought them for me as my step mother was a witch and wouldnt buy me any and the odd time she did they weren’t right for my period I needed the super tampons as well as pads as I had really heavy periods and she would say your a teenager you dont need super ones! And my dad would point blank refuse to buy me them as apparently it’s not a dad job to buy sanitary products for their daughter. God knows what I would of done had it not been for my grandma. Even today I cant use the cheap ones as I still have a heavy period. I use Tampax compact which are about 3 quid a pack and I use always sanitary towels which because I need the extra absorbent ones you only get 10 in a pack and I have to change them like every 3 hours or I leak through so I spend quite a lot on sanitary products every month. Luckily though I can afford it whereas some people cant afford it. Tax should never have been put on sanitary products as they aren’t luxuries they are necessities! Some people rely on food banks because they cant even afford to feed themselves never mind spent a fortune on sanitary products!

    1. I see women in Africa killing themselves over periods all time! Lol it’s not the left’s feminist commy agenda at work is it?

  5. You obviously havent got a c@#t or you wouldn’t be acting like one!! Mumsadvice? I’d rather take advice off Mr tumble than you!!

  6. I am appalled that any adult human could be so completely vacuous. You clearly have no idea of what true poverty is, your ignorance is palpable.

    I am so completely disgusted that you’ve dared even hold these opinions, let alone to publish them!

    I don’t know if you have a c@&t, but you certainly write like one!

  7. What a lot of privileged nonsense. Tesco extra is £3 bus fare before you start from here, otherwise it’s premium brands at Spar.

  8. This is an absolute disgrace of an article, you must of had the lightest flow periods because the cheap pads are useless for regular flow and even more so for women who have conditions like endometriosis or menorrhagia. As for sitting at home watching Netflix or on Snapchat your have a laugh. I have dysmenorrhea along with menorraghia which causes me to bleed excessively and be in a lot of pain sometimes doubled up with strong painkillers hugging a hot water bottle which still doesn’t help much… so before toh spout your extremely narrow minded opinions get yourself some actual facts!

  9. Not saying that I agree with this post but I don’t agree with the negative comments on cheap brand products. I’ve always had heavy periods and sometimes I even get them twice a month, I use co-op own tampons which are honestly just as good as the tampax one and Lidils sanitary towels which again super absorbent and soooo soft.

  10. This article is an utter digrace. Some people find themselves without something to eat for the day, how dare you makes such shallow careless comments?

  11. You do realize how ignorant this is? I bled multiple times for over 6 months straight EVERY single day. I had to go through 3-4 maxi pads a day because tampons were too painful to use. I bought pads in the 100 pack bulk. I’ve ended up in the hospital and needing an emergency surgery to remove my ovary and tube because endometriosis. So, no, it’s not netflix and snapchats. I didn’t get to finish a semester of university because a chocolate cyst left me puking every day for 3 weeks and when I finally went to the hospital for it my sodium- potassium pump was failing and they wanted to perform an emergency surgery. Next time maybe think about others less fortunate than you?

  12. At last someone talking some sense. Yet more ‘free’ stuff. £24million it would have cost Scotland to supply free sanity wear. Money which is desperately needed elsewhere. Period poverty is insulting nonsense stealing again from hard working tax payers. Makes me so angry. Years ago they just got on with it. Sainsburys sell heavy duty pads for about 12p a pack which are perfectly good. Don’t be so ridiculous you can’t afford that!

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