Please can I have a ppp I’m almost 9 weeks pregnant with my rainbow baby! My now…


Please can I have a ppp I’m almost 9 weeks pregnant with my rainbow baby! My now ex boyfriend didn’t want the baby at all still doesnt and thinks the baby isn’t his when it 195838% is, this morning he’s decided he hasn’t had feelings in a while and that he doesn’t wanna be with or with someone with stretch marks because there disgusting, I feel absolutely heart broken and can’t stop crying! I’ve got my baby into a broken family before he/she is even here! How did others cope! I feel like I need him I just don’t know what to do! Apparently I need to face up to the consequences for keep the baby! Basically punishing me! What do I do😭



  1. Hun.
    As long as you love that baby unconditionally then your family isn’t broken.

    Family can be biological or not biological.
    Family are the friends and family that support you and are there for you.

    You love that child, protect that child and be happy that you will be bringing a life into this world.
    You will be the center of that babies world and that is what is important.

  2. What an insensitive prick tell him you don’t want to be with some one so petty, immature and shallow and tell him to jog on. The baby will have a loving mother who will give it everything it needs. Fuck him hun. Imagine how childish he would have been with a child around xx

  3. Can’t believe he said that about stretch marks that makes me so angry !
    He can’t really love you if that’s how he’s acting and you definitely don’t deserve to be treated like that ! End of the day if you love your baby and choose to bring them up regardless it won’t be a broken home at all because they will have a mum who loves them and that’s a family in itself 💕

  4. You can’t force a baby on a man same with you can’t force one on to a woman , around the time my daughter was conceived I broke things off with her dad and I went through pregnancy, labour , birth and now nearly 1 year of her life with out him and I work go to college and make sure she is learning and growing and happy , if you truly want this baby then you are enough and you can do it yes you have to work just that bit harder and you will feel stressed and overwhelmed at times but you can do it , speak to friends and family and his family and make sure his family know they have the option to be involved you can do this and you do not need some one who doesn’t appreciate you and absolutely worships you , he’ll regret this xx

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