Please can I have PPP. I’ve been with my husband for 10 years, have a 13m old …

Please can I have PPP.

I’ve been with my husband for 10 years, have a 13m old and another on the way. We got married 5 months ago after being engaged for 2 years.

I don’t know where to start really. I’ve not worked for 14 months now so I can look after our son, my husband owns his own business and works very hard and I appreciate all he does.

All he ever does is nag me that I’m lazy and don’t do anything at home . I’m lucky and have a cleaner twice a week who also does all our ironing. I make a home cooked meal every day and it’s never appreciated.

My husband doesn’t spend much time at home always out with mates or helping the charity he helps with. He never plays with our son, puts him to bed, baths him..nothing! My son doesn’t really like going to him as he doesn’t really know who
Daddy is. My husband just doesn’t want to make the effort. I’m now getting really upset and worried do when we have number 2! I’m going to be left with both of them all day and night alone!

I already feel like I’m a single mum to my son, and I feel so distant to my husband, he never wants to spend time together he’s always on his phone which he’s so secretive about. I don’t feel close to want to have sex anymore, I don’t even want to kiss him.

He has remember reduced me to tears most days for being horrid about something or other. I just don’t know what to do where to go or how to move forward?

I keep saying enoughs enough and just get up and go with my son so I can be happy but I have no job and would have to move back to my parents! Really not keen on this..we also have bought a house together so would have to sort all that out.

Please tell me I’m Not alone 😞 emotional and fragile mummy. TIA


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