Please Do Not Buy A Rare Coloured Bulldog

Still thinking about buying a “rare” coloured bulldog? Well think again!!!! This is what your money is funding.

There’s no such thing as a rare coloured bulldog only backyard breeders conning members of the public into believing they have something special. As with any rarity, animals that are exceptional seem to have a priceless appeal and it seems as if everyone in this market are willing to accept any cost to acquire a bulldog with a remarkable and striking hue. The craze is much the same as in everything else on the planet, supply and demand transcend precious metals, food, and yes even animals.

This is not special this is horrific and there’s not a single dog on this planet that deserves this, cross breed or not 😡😡. This poor dog is now in the care of rescue and is getting treatment for wounds he sustained from being attacked by other dogs in the breeders kennels. Wounds that should have been treated as soon as they happened but obviously that costs money and money is far more important than a dogs health and welfare

The lure is the same as owning any rare item, it is a status symbol. Numerous individuals are purchasing these bulldogs essentially and solely for their remarkable hues and appearance. They are charmed to own something very few have but then getting to the attention for themselves is priceless. Different reproducers and companions are the ultimate conversation piece. Certain uncommon hued bulldogs are likewise elusive or breed, bringing about their canine and proprietor to make a “one in a million” bond with their dogs.

Joint Health Problems in Rare Color Breeds:

Canines experience a genuine measure of anxiety every day, from pursuing tennis balls, to playing a basic diversion with their proprietor in their patio. One particular article in Autry Hills Kennel explains how this has a direct impact on rare breeds who are genetically compromised. For a few puppies, the tedious weight on their joints can turn into an issue.


Credit Tracey Jayne Rowell

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