Please Don’t Be Afraid To Walk Away From People Who Cannot Change

So today I was given the worst possible news imaginable something I thought would never have to deal with. My beautiful sister Lucy was brain-dead. Some of you all ready know how we got to this point and for those that don’t I’m going to tell you as I feel that I need to tell the world Lucy’s story.

I decided many years ago to cut contact with my mum who had been an addict for over 20 years as she did nothing to contribute positively to my life. Unfortunately Lucy wasn’t able to break her bond and last year my mum introduced her to cocaine and didn’t care that she was ruining her life as long as she got her fix. Whilst spending time at my mum’s she met another addict Ian who Lucy started a relationship with. Ian was sent to prison and I was then able to help Lucy get away by letting her live with me. We sorted out student accommodation for her and in September she returned to Uni for her final year drug free.

As there is no justice in the world Ian was released from prison before Lucy was able to finish Uni. She knew how I felt about him so we didn’t discuss him as it would cause arguments.

What I didn’t know was that Lucy was letting Ian live at her student accommodation and the Uni had found out so she dropped out and went to stay at my mum’s again.

On Thursday morning I received a call to say Lucy had been rushed to hospital after having a seizure this seizure lead to a cardiac arrest and her brain was starved of oxygen for up to 40mins before help arrived. She’s put up a good fight over the last few days but it wasn’t enough.

The results came back to say high levels of cocaine and a prescription drugs were found in her body these prescribed drugs belonged to Ian so the dose was far to high for her little body to cope with.

To a lot of people’s disgust I have let Ian and my mum in to see her as I wanted them to see what they had done in my eyes they are to blame for this and now I have to plan a funeral for my little sister at the age of 24 who doesn’t deserve to be here they do. All she’s ever done is put too much faith in to the wrong people in the belief they will change for the better.

So the message I want to spread is don’t be afraid to walk away some people cannot change and will hold you back for as long as you let them. You only get one life and you need to surround yourself with people who help you to achieve your goals.

Look at her face that’s not my sister look at what drugs and mixing with the wrong people has done to her.

If we can save one life by sharing this story then I’ll be happy.

Please respect the fact that I don’t want anyone to contact me if you have questions I will answer them in due course. Right now I have a lot of hate for the world and want to be left alone.

We love you Lucy and I’ll live my life to the fullest now for us both. A true Angel


Full credit to Stacey Jordan

Author: XGemx

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