Please post privately FOR ONTARIO ONLY Some back story When 26 weeks pregnant …


Please post privately

Some back story

When 26 weeks pregnant I fled my home i had with the babies father and lived in a women’s abuse shelter. He was violent, he is a addict (drugs and alcohol). Everything about the situation was bad. His family is all like him pretty much. He hasn’t bought a thing for the baby and was very mad about the sex of the child. He has a child he doesn’t care for or pay child support for. He gets her occasionally but it’s a bad situation. He owes the government LARGE money and hides from them. His address isn’t where he really lives. He can’t get a bank account anywhere. He was abusing our dog also. We had no heat all winter(propain) no water(water tank, country living), no food( going to food bank). I worked but couldn’t pay everything. And all his money went to what he wanted and rent. I ended up in the hospital at one point due to loss of kidney function due to stress. Anyways I ended up leaving him and rehomed the dog all at once while he was at work. I changed my number, blocked on fb, I never heard from him again. Anyways I had the baby still no word. His mother knows my father and messaged him for info on me and claims her family doesn’t know she is messaging my father.

She says if I don’t let her be in the babies life (secret from her family and the father) then she will take me to court for grandparent rights. With a family full of addicts and abusers with bad bad tempers, how will that go? Anyone had something similar. Her son doesn’t want the baby in any way and will go to jail for a while with the amount of debt he has to the government and child support for his 8 year old.
He is not on the birth certificate so there is no proof that he is even the father to prove that she is the grandma.
Sorry this is so long and confusing.


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