Postmen Should Be Fined For Risking Animals Lives

Postmen Should Be Fined For Risking Animals Lives

Postmen should be fined for risking animals lives, I for one am totally fed up of lazy inconsiderate postmen who litter our homes and gardens.

Three times this month my regular pot man has dropped elastic bands on my driveway or along the pavement, I have spoken to him twice already and asked him to stop littering the neighbourhood and he simply shrugged his shoulders and said there wasn’t anything he could do about it.

Well today the stupid man dropped them again after delivering the mail, my cat Pebbles found it before I did and was playing with it, Pebbles got the elastic band stuck in her tiny throat and nearly choked to death, luckily I was able to dislodge it and rushed my poor little feline to the vets where she was given the all clear, thank god.

I phoned the post office headquarters and they weren’t even bothered, they couldn’t even apologise, all they could say was unfortunately sometimes elastic bands are dropped or fall out of the post-bag and the post workers aren’t even aware.

These elastic bands are a health hazard, they can wash into drains and kill sea creatures and choke or strangle domestic, farm or stray animals, something has to be done about it before it’s to late.

I am sickened with the post office, my cat coud have died because of irresponsible littering, I called 101 to report littering and the risk to animals and again they said they could’t do anything either, how can they get away with this, if i were to drop rubbish in the street i would be fined. Postmen should be fined also and trained to respect the neighbourhoods they deliver to.

Emailled in by Petra Dixonson

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