PP. please. A few months ago I was going through a rough time with my bf. We hav…


PP. please. A few months ago I was going through a rough time with my bf. We have been together over a year. The odd time he would have a binge drink. But I just send him on his way so that my 3 kids don’t see him drunk. However I was out one night and my children were being looked after by a relative and I came back home with the intention of going to bed. I came home and my partner was asleep and stupidly I woke him up and we both argued and ended up hitting eachother. It was so awful. We both had too much to drink. And I ended up with a busted nose. And had to go to hospital. All kids were in bed sound asleep thank goodness and still and know nothing to this day. And we’re being looked after by a relative. So then he left and I had to go to hospital. My relative rang the police on him and he was arrested. The police came to the hospital and I was angry and made a statement. Which I have retracted as we are both equally to blame. But now social services are gunning for him and calling him a massive risk. He is on bail and isn’t allowed near me or the kids. Which is just awful. I have a case conference next week and when i try to speak to social workers they treat me like a poor little domestic violence victim and say I should not be defending him. Which I am not. It was just one stupid mistake that we are both paying for everyday. Has anyone been through similar. And what do I expect at a case conference where there are going to be so many health care professionals grilling me.
Please no hate. My partner isn’t a risk to me or my children.


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