Pp please i dont know its just hormones or what but im soo mad at my other half …


Pp please i dont know its just hormones or what but im soo mad at my other half right now so my eldest is from a previous relationship and hasnt seen her dad since she was 6months old so he took her on as his own anyway we moved to his home town and she attends the same academy as he did (in 2000) so shes asked for a laptop for xmas for doing her home ( currently goes to a lunchtime club to use a laptop) and he said we cant afford it so she cant have one plus they dont require one for school work because he never needed it ( tried to tell him time have changed and they use a laptop quite often but hes having none of it because he didnt need )so i spoke to my dad about maybe he get a refurbished one for her xmas and my other kids the 6 gifts theyve asked for (so shed only get the laptop from him but it would work out hed spent the same money on all 5 of them ) hes then said shes so bloody spoilt always gets what she wants and that my dad always favourites her (he doesnt hes always been fair with them all ) but he starts ranting about how my dad only gives in drips and drabs ( gives the 1-2 presents at a time so they get a chance to open and play with them hes always done this ever since i was a child ) he says hes family always give all presents in one hit in the morning and it’s done with… says my family are freaks for doing it my dads way …. would you be annoyed with this ?



  1. Tbh I would be annoyed about everything, about the fact that he doesn’t want your daughter to even have a cheap laptop to do her schoolwork on in the first place,
    About the fact he is belittling your family Christmas tradition, he sounds like an all round Scrooge

  2. You can’t just say get rid . They have 4 kids together he might not be able to afford it. Or don’t want her on a laptop all the time . Everyone rants says things that are nasty ECT. Talk to him tell him how you feel x

  3. Think he’s being a bit ott same as above hun get rid. If he don’t treat the kids the same then that’s it . For me anyway not sure of other people’s opinions but I could guess jealous it seems?

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