Pp please I’ve just come back from a local baby class were my 1 year old sons…

Pp please

I’ve just come back from a local baby class were my 1 year old sons behaviour was horrific.

He was constantly running around. He snatched a toy from another baby. He kept playing with someones pushchair to the point I had to ask the lady if she would mind putting it in the corridor outside because he wouldn’t leave it alone and kept screaming when I took him away from it. And then he started investigating the plug sockets there. He’s never usually this naughty, I don’t know if it’s because it was a different place or because he was tired. I didn’t shout at him or anything I’m heavily pregnant, due this week. So i just kept chasing him around bringing him back to the circle to sing and dance and trying to distract him with whatever toys were out. But I am so embarrassed… I could feel the other mums judging me and as I left I had tears coming out of my eyes. I left first obviously just in time for them to all come out the building and see my son screaming as I fight to put him in the car seat. :,( I felt like an awful mum.

I know a child cannot be good all the time though and I guess I just need reassurance and cheering up a little. Can i hear your stories please of the worst your children have been or things they have done? Xx


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  1. My children still do this at 7 and 4, especially my youngest he loves to run riot, and have me chase him through shopping aisles 😂 and laugh at me as I struggle to catch up with him, sod the looks or the glares from others 😘 ALL kids test us at times, try not to worry what others may be thinking, chances are they are probably thinking ‘that was my child doing the same a few days back’ xxx

  2. The other mums were probably thinking how well you handled it without loosing your shit & being heavily pregnant! Honestly don’t worry about it no one would be thinking your a bad mum xxx

  3. My eldest was like that when I was pregnant last time, there have been many times I’ve been in tears begging my mum to come and get them or my partner to come home from work. It’s all part of being a mum! At one they are really beginning to learn and explore, he could of been tired or overwhelmed. Have a cuddle this afternoon and chill out. It’s just one of them things kids do. And those judgey mums should of see you needed help and offered some! Good luck with the baby xx

  4. Aww that’s just normal 1 year old behaviour not naughty Hun you’re probably seeing it more as naughty as the other kids were sat joining in and he was just exploring and being inquisitive xxxx

  5. Your doing a fantastic job – don’t doubt yourself. Your heavily pregnant, yet still took your little one out – to me your a great Mum. Put your feet up, have a nap with your little one, and laugh about it. It happens to us all, children are unpredictable. Xx

  6. Don’t worry about it I bet ever one of they mothers have had there children do exactly the same it just makes there self feel better #perfect parent is a myth and a perfect 1 year old you would have a better chance finding the loch Ness monster

  7. Your heavily pregnant so more than likely over Tired, and things always seem worse than they are when your Tired, he’s still a baby so he’s bound to explore and push your limits, just keep going as you are in sure your doing a great job, ignore the judging people, their kids wont be perfect x

  8. Oh gosh… I have this when my lg is tired or just wanting to be trouble… It’s not a nice feeling seeing other mums glaring and judging you… I’ve asked other mums what their problems are when she’s been acting up and the replied are shocking… To the point of “you should be ashamed my child never acts like that” and I just sit there and laugh thinking “you’re full of shit” I’m heavily pregnant as well not as heavily as you though I have less than 7 weeks left… Ignore those who look down on you, as you’re doing a fantastic job xx

  9. My oldest daughter who is 2 is walking everywhere now can’t take her to shops because she runs away oh touched things on the selves screams if she cannot have what she wants , think as they get older there even more naighty lol , but everything is new to them and want to explore a bit don’t worry your not a bad mom xxx

  10. It’s totally normal, the other mums may of just been thinking they know what it’s like or they’ve got it to come! Ofcourse you get judgmental people, but the majority who know what children are like can sympathise! I’ve probably looked like the worst mother in the world at some stages with my 3 girls. My oldest especially was very difficult would fight to get out of anything she was strapped in, I was putting her back into her buggy one day when she was screaming to high heaven like I was hurting her something! The looks some old ladies have me was awful even said something to me about my poor child or something & I was just keeping my child from escaping near a busy road and being firm with her! Obviously judged as a mother and I was 18 at the time so probably judged in that sense too. When it came to the temper tantrums in some stores and she would be on the reins she would throw herself to the floor, screaming. Into everything anywhere I went, I mean even having poop wars with my baby sister at the time. It’s a tough job, but it’s all stages they go through, my 2nd child was the total opposite and my 3rd is very much like my first, strong willed!
    They’re just little and exploring, if he’s not been there before he’s probably overwhelmed with everything going on there too.
    My oldest is almost 11 and in the pre teen hormonal stage! I thought it got better as they got older lol!😂

  11. He’s just exploring. You shouldn’t feel like an awful mam. Your child is developing well and showing this off by getting up to his little adventures. It’s must be difficult with you being so far on. But don’t worry no one should be judging either of you – nobodies a perfect parent we are all just doing our best. Good luck with your labour 😊

  12. Literally we’ve all been there and it’s so mortifying, my sons autistic and between the age of 2-3 1/2 he was a nightmare to the point I dreaded taking him out. I remember the one day him having a 40 minute tantrum screaming in his pram and I ended up crying my eyes out in the middle of town 😂 tomorrow is a new day keep going xx

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