Pp please looking for advice as to what ye would do?? So I’ve 2 young kids.. la…


Pp please 😊 looking for advice as to what ye would do?? So I’ve 2 young kids.. last time I went out with friends was last march!! My friend texted me asked me do I want to go for a few drinks and a catchup next weekend (haven’t seen them in months) I said I’d love to go.. when I said it to my partner he was like ahh don’t go there bla bla bla me and you will go off and do something instead etc.. then he went on and said oh why do ye have to drink just go to the playground with the kids and catch-up.. now am I being wrong to actually want to have some few hours of adult time with my friends???? I never see them, never go out or anything! I’m a stay at home mom and never get to do anything,.. this happens all of the time!! He always talks me out of going out with the girls. (She’s asked a couple of times in the past few months) and I’ve always had to make up some excuse as to why I can’t go. I’m just so sick of it now because whenever someone asks me to go out for a few drinks I feel like I’ve to ask permission off my parents or something (like when I was younger) πŸ˜‚ it’s just redicolous as to why my partner is like this. Other people’s partners would be like jeez go off and enjoy yourself you deserve it.. but nope mine don’t want me going nowhere 😞 and to make it worse, I ask him to come with me and he never wants to go. He seems to think that because we have kids, I’m not aloud do anything fun like drink, go out etc. I’m only 23!!! Xxx



  1. I would tell him I’m going because I want to and if he couldn’t have the children I would get a sitterπŸ˜‚ yes you are a mum but you at still you and deserve some adult time with mates x

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