Ppp!! Help!!! My partner has just had an accident and dislocated his elbow!! We …


Ppp!! Help!!! My partner has just had an accident and dislocated his elbow!! We go on holiday in two weeks the hospital have casted him up and told him NOT to go!! 😪😪 does anyone no if Thomson will change our holiday for latter date when he hopefully can go in two months time once he had keyholes surgery and cast off etc?



  1. You’ll have to get doctors note and claim from your holiday insurance or you’ll be able to do name changes if u know anyone that wants to buy the holiday … not sure at what the cut off date for amending your holiday to later date is . You’ll have to give them a call x

  2. Only problem with a dislocation of the elbow ( also depending on how much the elbow dislocated ) is on how long the cast will be on as well. Mine was at a 180 degree angle and had mine on for 20 months.

    As others have said best to ask Thomsons and your insurance and get a letter. But since you don’t know how long the cast will be on for at the min you can’t even rebook the dates yet. Fingers crossed they sort it though

  3. If you have travel insurance then you should have cancellation cover!! If the doctors have said not to go then you just listen! If there are any complications whilst you are abroad then you won’t be covered as you are travelling against medical advice x

  4. Sometimes travel companies allow you to all depends as it’s only a couple of weeks away so not much notice to ‘re arrange another date, best thing to do is ask them direct

  5. Read your insurance details to see if you are covered and phone customer services for Thomsons. Take the name of anyone you talk to and record conversations if possible .

  6. You generally can’t make amendments this close to departure. If you take a doctors note in, fingers crossed they will do something for you. You will be charged to amend though x

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