PPP- Honestly I don’t know where to begin. I’m so lost and confused I’m not su…



Honestly I don’t know where to begin. I’m so lost and confused I’m not sure what’s bothering me more.
I’m 26 weeks pregnant with my first and honestly it’s been tough but it’s nearly done now..
Just recently I’ve noticed my partner becoming very distant with me, he doesn’t seem bothered about me, doesn’t ask how I am or how I’m feeling. Doesn’t ask about our baby, or if I’ve felt baby kicking.. nothing like that. I thought he would care being as we had 2 miscarriages just before this pregnancy and I’ve constantly been in and out of hospital,doctors and emergency doctors with this pregnancy.
I try and speak to him about how I’m feeling about my appearance and all I get is “you’re pregnant”.. that doesn’t stop me from feeling absolutely disgusting. I never make an effort with my appearance anymore as I haven’t got the energy and honestly, how can I make myself look pretty when I feel so ugly on the inside.
I’ve also caught him adding other females on Facebook and the way he’s acting is making me fear he’s cheating.. he spends more time getting ready, constantly worrying about his hygiene, takin extra showers, only telling me he’s been to people house when the other person mentions it and just generally acting shady.

I’ve been really struggling with my hormones, I catch myself crying all the time. Pregnancy is so hard, please be nice. I’m had enough hurtful comments this pregnancy, i still have feelings.. 😫

Honestly, am I paranoid or is it normal through pregnancy to feel like your partner finds you vile?



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