PPP. I’m 23 with a 2 year old From a previous relationship that didn’t work out….


I’m 23 with a 2 year old From a previous relationship that didn’t work out.
I’ve been with my new partner about 5 months and I’m 9/10 weeks pregnant. (Unplanned was on the pill) And this will be his first child. don’t feel exited, dont feel happy. But cant seem to make a decision on what to do… We really just clash and dont get on. The arguments we have get out of hand. I feel like everything else comes before our relationship. He is really good with my little one but thats the only positive thing I can think of. Hes 28 and has had everything handed to him in life. He’s lost 2 jobs since we have been together. And just runs to his mum for hundreds at a time.. I just feel like I’m gonna be in the same situation as I was with my little ones dad in another year down the line. He don’t seem to think everything is at all bad because it just goes his way all the time. Arguments are about the stupidest things. I’m weaning myself off anti depressants as advised by the doctor. And I just dont really know what to do. Every day I feel shit we never have a nice day together but I really dont agree with abortions. I’m worried if I leave him he will go back to a life of drugs and I’m just gonna be stuck with 2 kids on my own and I won’t be able to do it. I don’t know why I’m writing into here I just need some advice. Its probably just me but when I’ve spoke to my friends about things they seem to think its not healthy this early on to be like this .. I just dont know anymore I’m so upset. X


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