5 thoughts on “Ppp just caught my nearly two year old drinking some shampoo. Should i be worri…

  1. If it was expensive … yes 😂😂😂. My son done it when he was about 2 , plenty water to wash the horrible taste away … he may burp bubbles for a while 😂😂

  2. 😂 my 18 month old decided to suck fairy liquid out of his bottle sponge today (he grabbed it whilst in his high chair) I wouldn’t worry about it doing any harm but he kept heaving and coughing up soap suds for a while which was tight but funny 😂

  3. I caught my daughter eating rabbit food and I wasn’t sure what to do so I rang 111, and they checked with the poisons department for me to make sure it’s ok to leave her at home(it was) xx

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