Ppp ,just need some advice and also to let everything out since I have nobody to…


Ppp ,just need some advice and also to let everything out since I have nobody to talk to about this. So me and my partner are really struggling to find a house, we have an 11 month old little girl and we also have another baby which is due in three weeks. We are currently staying at his parents house because we had to leave our one bed apartment so we could come here to save money for a bigger house. I’m so stressed out about everything because I’m due in less than three weeks I don’t want to bring our newborn baby into this house with all our stuff is packed in the bedroom were staying and we also have no bed so me and partner and lo sleep on the floor on a mattress which is Killin my back it’s so uncomfortable 😫 my 11 month old is also the main reason why I’m so stressed out over ever since we came here she ignores and hates me 😥 she won’t come to me at all when she sees his siblings she will cry and try to jump out of my hands so they would take her she just won’t come to me even if I try and take her or if I try and play with her she has no interest in me at all which is making me go crazy I’m so jealous and mad because at home she loved and gave me hugs and was always crying if I only went to the toilet now she completely ignores me and hugs everybody else .. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong I do everything for her and I love her so much but she keeps pushing me away ..she will only cuddle me and kiss me if she’s tired and it’s bedtime.its also her birthday in two weeks I’m so worried that she won’t let me hold her when she’s gonna blow her birthday candle it will break my heart if somebody else held her while my first born is blowing her first birthday candle 😫 oh god I feel like I want to break up with my boyfriend over everything thats happened because it’s all his fault, I told him we should wait in our apartment and save up there but no he literally packed all our stuff while I was asleep and sold our sofa just so I wouldn’t have a choice but to go to his parents house!!! But if I leave him then I wouldn’t have anywhere else to go because my mom and I don’t talk!! Oh my head is about to blow up please some advice would be nice and no harsh comments I already have enough 😫😫😫😔😔😔


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