PPP. Me and my ex had made plans so he could see our boy at his parents at Chris…

PPP. Me and my ex had made plans so he could see our boy at his parents at Christmas which involved me doing the 2.5 hours there and back with one night staying in a hotel as I’m not allowed in his parents house because they are knobs. They haven’t made any effort to visit our son since we separated 3 years ago. They will only see him at theirs. His mum is disabled but as far as I know still drives. She went to Spain the other year so I wonder how much of ‘she can’t travel’ is true but still. All arranged with me running round like an idiot to make it easier on our boy and today he texts me saying he’s made a mistake date wise and none of his family apart from his Mum would be there, it’s easier for them the weekend before when I’m still working and 4 yr old at school so we are both knackered at the weekend. Also we have plans locally. I’m so pissed off. I’m expected to jump through hoops when to me it’s clear his family aren’t really bothered. If they were surely with this much notice they would have some time free over 2 days?!? Am I right to just say no now as the only way to do it is change my plans that involve visiting family. I arranged everything around the dates he gave me and now feel stuck and he’s ‘coming up with a plan’. This is not the first time he and his family have done this date thing. His dad has it in his head that his family have to be involved with our son but they won’t even meet me half way. I have tried to arrange things before and they just don’t bother or are ‘busy’. I’m a full time single Mum and I always find time for my son. I’ve said to his dad I will just take our son to his so they get time together so he still sees him. Xx


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