Ppp My little boy is 2 and a half . His dad didn’t want him and has had nothin…


My little boy is 2 and a half . His dad didn’t want him and has had nothing to do with him since I told him at 16 weeks .
The last few weeks he has now started calling my dad (his grandad ) dad or daddy . I don’t know what I should do ??help please



  1. A would let him it will do know harm my dad was around and my grandad was my dad to and my own dad didn’t mind! He will know it’s not but everyone’s different it done me and my sister no harm calling him dad and tbh he was best dad ever ❤️

  2. My eldest daughter had no dad i still stayed with my mum and dad and she calls him dad rather than grandad she just copied me she understands fully and is still happy to do it so absolutely fine x

  3. My fiancè still calls his grandad dad . His nan and grandad raised him . He calls his nan ..nan though . Your son is probably copying you …it won’t do no harm . If your dad don’t mind . Just when your talking about your dad to your son still call him grandad . X

  4. My grandson is being taught to call his uncle by his first name. His dad bailout when ultrasound told the baby was a boy. How ahead and give grand dad a cool name like Paw Paw or Peeps… You can call your dad that too. School now talks to kids and tells them all kids don’t have mom and dad. Some have grandparents or just one parent. Some have aunts. . He will be fine.

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