Ppp – Need some advice. On who to write a complaint to and if you would put a …

Ppp –

Need some advice. On who to write a complaint to and if you would put a complaint in?

Here’s my story:

She was 8 weeks premature and weighting 4lb

On the 3rd April my daughter she was 4 weeks old and weighting 4lb I took her to the doctors due to her NOT feeding for 8 hours and had no wet nappy and having an horrible cough. Went to the doctors he told me he csnt do anything for her not feeding unless it’s been 24 hours and her cough sounding normal so I went home around 10 hours later we was blue lighted to the hospital as she stopped breathing. She had to be resuscitate over 25 times. And actually stopped breathing over 200 times in the space of 2 hours at the hospital they decided she wasn’t able to breath on her own and decided to put her on a life support machine and in a coma. She was put in a coma and on life support for nearly 2 and half weeks as she just couldn’t breath on her own 🙁 after blood test, lumbar puncher and countless other test they digonessed her with serve bronchitis and a cold 🙁 we spent 3 and half weeks in intensive care in another hospital 300 miles away from home :'( they said if my doctor noticed she had bronchitis or actually done his job correctly she may not have gotten so bad? So would you put a complaint in? And how do I go about doing it?

Also another doctor I see last week for her 6 week check even tho she was 9 weeks at the time said everything was fine with her the next day we had a pedestrian appointment and he said she has got a hernia? So shouldn’t of yhe doctor picked this up?

Before anyone gives me any shit for not taking my daughter to the hospital sooner I trusted my doctor and thought nothing was wrong my little one was just slightly under the weather?


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