PPP please ? Never felt so down in all my life ️ things just seem to be getting …

PPP please ? Never felt so down in all my life ☹️😢 things just seem to be getting worse instead of better , mental health has took a right blow just now 😩 feel so alone , partner finds it so hard to understand me at times as I get so quiet or angry , stressed ect he doesn’t no what to do so he ends up out thinking that helps but no not when he has cheated and there is also loads of people tryin to come between us and split us up , just not sure we are going to get through things especially when I am struggling just to live each day just now , only thing keepin me going is my baby Boy , life is a mess , money has all been stopped and I live in a rented house so have no idea how I will now meet the payments 🙈feel like I’m drowning and can’t find my way back right now .


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  1. Hi can you reply on my post please? Says 2 comments can only see one ? Yes I have a psychiatrist appointment end of the week thank goodness , and I am already on so much medication which in it’s self can be quite debilitating, just feel like I am constantly battling against the whole world including my own head 😩 arguments also get very heated between me and my oh and can get violent at times too ☹️ tell him to leave the house he won’t go and when I try to leave to stop the argument and go to my brothers house he says he will follow me or that I am not leaving, constantly getting put down and made feel like the worst human being, I can be so nasty with my mouth also but I just feel like no one understands and it’s just so frustrating, of course I won’t give up due to my 1yr old lb but it’s so hard dealing Day to day just now and I speak to friends but only say so much and I don’t tell family things as they will worry I hate feeling like a burden or let down to everyone when all I do I try so hard fighting for everything and doing everything and when I am lost I am all on my own 😢

  2. Just try remember not every thing is as bad as it feels and there’s always chance for a brighter tomorrow, I suffer with a few mental health that I wish I didn’t so I get ur struggle but never give up, if ur little boy is what keeps u focused that’s great keep positive and focused on him.
    In regards to money go to citizens advice or local job centre they will be able to advise you on what help I’d available…..your other half I have no suggestions for other than talk it out both of u and forget what others say cos ultimately there’s only 2 in the relationship……
    Have you mental health team involved? Can u not contact ur c.p.n to see u or gp if u don’t have a cpn and discuss with them how ur feeling? Tablets don’t make it go away but does help with managing it xx

  3. Contact council and request zero income forms. You’ll be able to claim your hb, access foodbank. Maybe get credit on gas and electricity meter and may be eligible for emergency cash payment

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