Ppp so it’s been 3 weeks since my ex fiancé of almost 5 years left. He met someo…


Ppp so it’s been 3 weeks since my ex fiancé of almost 5 years left. He met someone and was in a relationship within a week! Last week he told me he was confused because he loved me and liked her but was happy with the relationship, he completely messed with my head and we nearly kissed but he knew it was wrong on his girlfriend and we didn’t. He filled me with crap all day wanting to know who I had been messaging said he was jealous etc and made a few sexual comments. But in the end he still left to be with her. He knew fine well I will be still waiting for it to fall apart and would have him back in a heartbeat. I got angry that he had left thinking that and text him telling him I wouldn’t and he was putting me second to someone else when he claims he still loves me etc and that I would be moving on. But everyday I’m waking up angrier and angrier that he has put me second and is spending most nights with her it’s actually infuriating. Why is it getting worse instead of better. We have a son and see each other at pick up and drop off and I don’t think it helps but I literally have no choice but to see him because I don’t have anyone else to do it for me. Im suffering so badly while he is all loved up with someone else it’s killing me.



  1. Doll yourself up drop off your kid and go and enjoy yourself! Even if it’s just s coffee and people watching ! He’s doesnt know that and you can build self confidence x

  2. He doesn’t love u he wouldn’t have found someone else if he did chick!!!!!

    Put ur best lippy on go out with the girls and enjoy life fuck men for now just be you find the happy you!! Be happy on ur own the right man will find you!!! Xxxx

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