PPP The alarm for my carbon monoxide detector went off about an hour ago and wo…


The alarm for my carbon monoxide detector went off about an hour ago and wouldn’t stop for a couple of minutes. It stopped as soon as a family member opened the outside door to come in and the detector was in the same area as where the door is. The alarm has never gone off before and I was putting wet washing on the airer in the next room when it started. I’m unsure what to do now.

My family member said all should be fine because the alarm stopped but I can’t sleep due to worrying. Could the wet washing have triggered the alarm in any way as it does smell strongly of the powder etc I’ve used and obviously there’s moisture in the air due to it drying?

I have sent a message to my landlord about it but he doesn’t tend to worry about things and will most likely say the gas boiler etc doesn’t need checking as the alarm only went off once for a couple of minutes. However, I have asked if he could get someone to come out tmw. I don’t think it will happen though.

I’ve checked the detector manual and it was definitely the alarm going and not anything to do with a low battery etc. I did, however, notice that neither of the detectors are fitted in the correct place. I have one at the bottom of the stairs in the hallway and the other is on the landing. The instructions say the alarms should be fitted by someone who knows what they’re doing and 1 should definitely be in the same room as my boiler. However, my landlord left me to sort the fitting after saying he legally needed to provide me with some. A family member fitted them for me exactly where my landlord said they needed to go. Should I try demanding that my landlord arranges for someone to come and fit them properly? He does get everything tested yearly but the engineers have never said anything about the detectors being in the wrong place or anything


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