Pregnant Women Was Thrown Out Of Restaurant For An Unbelievable Reason!

Charisha Gobin, a women heavily pregnant with twins claims to have been refused service in a Washington steakhouse for an unbelievable reason!

Gobin visited to steakhouse on Sunday night but was told she was unable to stay as her server claimed she was breaking the “no shoes, no shirt, no service” policy.

Gobin shared her disappointment on Facebook

Gobin was wearing a long skirt and crop top which exposed her 7 and a half months pregnant belly.

Gobin told KIRO:
“The waitress/bartender stopped us and said, ‘I’m sorry, you can’t be here in that shirt.’ I said, ‘Are you being serious with me right now?’ And she said, ‘Yep, you can’t be here,’”

The restaurant has since apologized to Charisha for what it is calling an unfortunate  “misunderstanding” and says the server has been with the restaurant for nearly 20 years.

What do you think? 
Was the restaurant right to refuse service?
Would this have happened to a women who wasn’t pregnant? 

Let us know your opinions in the comments.

Author: Ashleigh Sanderson

1 thought on “Pregnant Women Was Thrown Out Of Restaurant For An Unbelievable Reason!

  1. I think a no shirt policy is there so that people don’t wander around with body parts on display during dinner. Man or woman. Pregnant or not. I don’t see why the restaurant apologised. It’s not a ‘if you wear half a shirt we will let you off’ policy.

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