Private message please My daughter is 8 years old most of the time she is the m…


Private message please
My daughter is 8 years old most of the time she is the most lovely caring child at school she is doing well she’s kind and helpful with any one else she’s fine but just recently at home she has started screaming and shouting and hitting out at me for no reason what so ever she doesn’t do this anywhere else and i really don’t no what else i can try I’ve taken toys ect off her but she just laughs in my face this week has been the final straw when she came back from her friends and something must have happened as she went into the cubbard took the hammer out smashed the ipad up then threw the hammer at me breaking my toe she never shows aggression to anyone else or paddy’s the way she does at home. I do feel my sister and mum and dad spoil her rotten and give her everything she wants and when i say no it kicks off help



  1. I love my little girl to bit she 9 most of the she fine than next minute she has turns into this crazy thing where she is fighting with everyone and kicking of over nothing next thing she crying as everyone hates her and every one haven a go. As soon as she starts i send her to her room she kicks off than claims down and we are all best friends again and she loves us again as she puts it. i think its hormones so am trying to do as much us time as possible and make her feel special when she is being good and just ignore her and sending her to her room till she claims down no point telling her off in :that mood as just makes things worse when she is claim we talk it out and sort it

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