Private post please. I’m just wanting to hear other mums experiences like this a…


Private post please.
I’m just wanting to hear other mums experiences like this and hopefully give me some motivation that it does get better as I’m feeling so low about it all.
I’m 24, I have a 2 year old and I’m due again in 2 weeks time with my second. I’ve just kicked my partner out after putting up with his cheating, drugs and the worst his gambling for the past 4 years.
Anyway with his gambling due to me trying to help him out I’ve landed myself in thousands of pounds in debt trying to pay off his debts, I’ve always made my rent and utility bill payments on time but the past 2 months I have been massively struggling, and have made late payments or completely missed paying so that’s all doubling up, my ex isn’t bother he’s carrying on with his gambling all his money away. I just feel like everytime I start getting somewhere with something another thing goes wrong. I just feel really hopeless at the minute, my tenancy is due for renewal next month and I’m terrified due to my recent late payments that he won’t agree to renewal and have my two kids and nowhere to go, and everytime I try and make a catch up payment on one thing I end up missing another and ending up having to pay extra on that, on top of this I’m trying to come to terms with being a single mum to my two babies (I love being a mum, there the only things that keep me going) but then eventually I now realise being single I also need a life aswell, I don’t have many friends, and the friends I do have I hardly ever see as I don’t have the money to go out and do anything, I just feel abit like everything’s fallen apart and I’m in a endless circle 😩 I should be excited that my baby is due soon but I’m too stressed about money and all the things I need to pay 😩


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