Private post please. My little girl is turning 6 on Monday but growing up she ha…

Private post please. My little girl is turning 6 on Monday but growing up she hasn’t always had the best. For a start she was brought into this world in a broken family of parents who hated each other more than you could imagine.with a mother who was 14 and a father who wanted her aborted. From the second I found out I was pregnant everything went from bad to worse I done everything on my own for her then I got took to court when she turned 2 for DNA and access to see my little girl telling the court of how much he made my life hell but he still had rights to see her it went to a private contact centre for around 3 months and because of his good behaviour he got to take her for 4 hours every Saturday to were ever he liked without supervision all went well for 2 weeks on the 3rd week all hell broke once again. Him nor baby could be found for 17 hours. Cops couldn’t do anything because it was her daddy. I got phone calls of any mothers worst nightmare of my baby being hurt cops still couldn’t do anything for 48 hours. When she came home we sat in hospital to get her checked over to make sure there was no broken bones. Courts put a lock on his contact an at a later date we would go back to disscus the situation with the judge 5 days after what he done to my daughter he done 100 times worse leaving my daddy with broken bones and stab wounds the courts said he’ll never have contact unless she decides at 16. But she bakes my heart that she dosnt have a daddy and it brakes hers also. She remembers what happened but we as a family Never speak of what happened infornt of her. But fast forward 2 years she hasn’t forgot what she’s seen. And gets very scared and upset over very small things. Like today was her birthday party and my partner had orderd a bouncy castle and we were messing around on it as I lay down and he kept jumping around me she got so scared and upset and begged him not to hurt me . We were honestly just playing and I would say there was no rough play at all. But once she calmed down she decided to sit and have a chat with my partner and got annoy. (Partner has a little boy) that she watches all the love my partner has and how good a daddy he is and she would love a daddy like him. My partner from day one has never made a difference between the kids. My daughter get all the cuddle the quite time the playtime the Fun with him aswell as his own we boy. We have moved into a house together on Monday. And when she was having this chat with my partner she as him why can’t he be her daddy as well. This has put both me and my partner in an uncomfortable position he just told her he would speak to her tomorrow and left it at that. Now me and my partner have just spoke about it and he has said he didn’t know what to say and it was a bit out of the blue. He dosnt like uncomfortable situations. Neither do I 😣. He said he dosnt want to tred on anyone’s toes. What I fully understand but. I know my daughter is longing for an amazing daddy like him and has been for the past 3 years but I just don’t know what to say to my daughter about not saying anything like that to as she really gets upset over the wanting a daddy to love her. Anyone any advice on what I should do to help her with this situation? And I’m lost as have cried so hard for the past hour please no bashing x


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