Private Post Please .. So I Have Gained Custody Of My 15 Almost 16 Year Old Sist…


Private Post Please .. So I Have Gained Custody Of My 15 Almost 16 Year Old Sister . Mu Mother Lost The Kids Due To Her Own Personal Issues And Im All She Has Left For The Fact Her Father Has Passed When She Was Very Young . She Was Raised Differently Then Myself Because I Lived W My Father Most Of My Life . Shes Used To Doing As She Pleases And Having Sex . She Has Been With Me About 6 Months Now .. Im 19 and Have A 4 Year Old Daughter And Im Due with My Other Daughter July Of This Year . My Sister Is Bisexual Which Is No Issue To Me And My Family .. We Love Her Regardless But Due To Past Circumstances (Oral Sex , Suicidal Attempts Due To Feeling She Was Being Used As A “Sex Toy” Etc ) She Has To Be Watched Over 24-7 .. She Has No Friends Because She Rather Be With Her Gf Which I Should Mention Is 18 Years Old .. We Are On A Court Order And Have Workers Who Agree That They Shouldnt Be Alone Whatsoever In Closed Areas And I Should Treat The Relationship As A Boyfriend And Girlfriend Relationship .. Anyway I Allowed Her To Go To A Wedding , Giving Her Le Way Because Like I Said She Has No Friends And Most Of The Time She Is In My House Unless We Go To Visit My Mom Or I Take Her Out .. Which Is Hardly Because Its Hard To Fun W Her .. She Dont Like Doing Things That Dont Involve Money Like Going To The Park Or On A Walk .. Also She Has Workers Who Take Her Out To Eat And Etc A Few Times A Month .. Im Always Home . Needless To Say She Just Left This Morning Very Early .. around 9 To Be Exact .. She Rushed Out And Didnt Say A Word As I Was Sleeping .. My 3 Year Old Was Up And She Didn’t Wake Me To Let Me Know Anything , And She Put Her In Their Room To Watch A Movie .. I Woke Up To My Daughter Alone Because she Wanted A Drink And I asked Her Where TT Was And She Said She Went Bye Bye .. I wrote Her Girlfriend And Found Out She Had Just Left So She Wasnt Left Alone Long But The Point Is Not Only Did She Leave My Daughter Alone But She Rushed Out And Ever Since She Hasnt Kept In Contact. I Tried Calling The GF And Her Family And They Turned Off The Phone .. Shes Trying To Stay Out Til 830 Or Later As Thats What Time They Said The Wedding And After Party Would End And Due To The Fact She Rushed Out We Didnt Get A Chance To Discuss Her Being Home .. Which I Felt 6 Was A Reasonable Time .. I Tried Calling And Cant Get Ahold Of Anyone .. I Feel I Should Be Able To Get Ahold Of Her Regardless Of The Situation For The Fact She’s Still Young And Also Anything Can Happen .. I Can Go Into Premature Labor Any Time .. Im On Bed Rest As We Speak . I Needed Opinions Of Whether Id Be Wrong To Not Allow Her To Leave Anymore With The Girlfriend After This Incident Or Would I Be Over Reacting ? Im Just Trying To Be Protective But Also Reasonable .. I Was Gonna Say She Cant Go Anymore Since I was Unable To Get Ahold Of Her And Had No Idea Of What Was Going On .. Please No Harsh Comments But Please Give Your Opinions .. I Need A Mothers Advice .. I Wouldn’t Allow My Daughter To Do THIS If She Was Of The Age For Sure . Thank You .



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