Private post please Im a wreck, We are living with Oh’s family member and Today…


Private post please

Im a wreck,
We are living with Oh’s family member and
Today we got keys to our new house for us and our 11 month old baby…
Little did i know things would turn ugly. We got back to where we are staying and things kicked off, i was screamed and shouted at by not only him but other members of the family for not having everything ready to move straight in to the new house baring in mind ive been really poorly for 5 days and been alone with my 11 month old and ive only known we would get new keys for the past 4 days. 90% of the stuff is packed even whilst being really ill and having to look after a 11 month old. I was called all the names under the sun and shouted at like i was nothing. Ive done everything hes not done 1 thing to get a new house and he hadnt done anything to the old house ie packing things and help clean. ( he works 8 hours a day so i understand) but to have cleaned and sorted the old house and to have got us a new house a bit of thank you or well done wouldnt of gone a miss but instead im being shouted at and being told i do f*ck all… its upset me alot. We havent had any love or us time for nearly 2 months he just pushes me away and brushed it off. Hes always shouting and kicking off. He comes home from work and sits upstairs all night ignores us and only spends like half an hourwith his child. He wanders out with his mates and we dont see him. Well tonight i had enough of it all and ended things after he made me feel so worthless and small infront of his family. Now im regretting it and feel like ive lost everything and ive just ruined our 11 month olds new “family” home. Im so upset and a right wreck what would you ladies do in this situation??


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