Private post plz I am at my wits end with my 4 year old son he is so scared of…

Private post plz

I am at my wits end with my 4 year old son he is so scared of goin to the loo for a number 2 he will keep holding on it could be days when he does eventually go cause he can not keep it in any longer it is all dried and crusty, he went at school on Friday and as it was all dry and crusty to his bum (inside) the teacher pulled me and said she would have to inform headteacher as this is not the first time, I have told his teachers what he is like for the toilet I really don’t no what to do any more I give him a laxative (liquid) advised from chemist but does not do anything, he as only started be scared of goin to the toilet since he started reception class any advice much appreciated x


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    I try all different stuff while he is on toilet games everything he will not sit on a potty full stop he just says he is scared, I ask him all the time who as scared h and he will say different names when he does have a number 2 it is so massive and fat I don’t no how he got it out of his bum with out sound disgusting it is longer and fater then a banana 😭 x

  2. Maybe he dosnt feel comfortable to do it when hez at school my lil boy was d same we tried everytng now hez 4 n he goes no problem what helped with him i no its going to sound silly but it did d job was tell him that d poo was a baby poo n he wanted to go down toilet to his mammy n daddy poo dat he was sad lol i no funny but it helped alot and anytng dat will make him feel comfortable when hez sitn on toilet my lil boy loves doing make up so i sat beside him n let him do waever he wanted on me 😂😂n read books n played with toys,it defiantly was not easy but he will do it if u persist with him,best of luck with it cause it can be a very daunting challenge xx

  3. My son who’s 5 was like this & only recently goes to the toilet for a number 2 now. Before it was a right struggle! He would think he would be swallowed by the toilet, or that he just can’t go so he would hold it in for days until he had a nappy on. Then one day he just went. He got praised so much he liked doing it and wanted to show me his poo’s everytime (the part I didn’t enjoy 😂) but was happy he done it! Now he goes by himself & does need help wiping his bum although at school he apparently wipes his own bum 🤔🤔😂😂🙄 he will get there in the end, sometimes they’ll do it when they are ready not when you want them too x

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