Private posts please !!! This past few weeks my sons got into a habit of robbi…

Private posts please !!!

This past few weeks my sons got into a habit of robbing daft things around the house money lighters ( I don’t smoke but have 1 for my candles ) he’s 5 nearly 6. His dads not here all week works away but he was home yesterday I used his lighter to light my candle and put it in the kitchen window. Was sat watching tv an hour later. And I could smell burning like a fag smell. So went to check on the kids playing upstairs 5 and 3 as I don’t smoke and dad smokes in the back garden . Went in there room and my eldest frew something under the bed and it smelt of smoke in there. He was trying to not let me get to it but I did it was a lighter. One of my kitchen window. I said what hqve u done with it. His thumb was hurting from lighting it that much. He wouldn’t say so his brother shown me his shoe basket what ma netting on the sides and there was a hole burnt into it. And then took me to the toilet and shown me. A peice if toilet paper that you could see has been lit on fire but put into the toilet so I couldn’t see it. I was gonna smacked I shouted calmly and explained how dangerous it was and that he could of easily set the house on fire he cryed I frew the lighter etc. Anyway he’s gone school this morning when I looked at my phone I had 2 missed calls of a number rang it back and it gave you options for social services councils etc. Got free but she said they would ring me back as the contact centre wouldn’t no who rang. When I got school to collect my son the teacher pulled me aside and said she’s noticed a burn like blister on his thumb and he’s said he got it from a dire daddy’s lighter so I explained what happened she said it was fine. She always told me the welfare offices had tryed to ring me when I checked my voicemail I seen she had so rang her back. Explained the same to her she said it’s fine they put a ice compress on it and said he seemed a little upset about it I said probity because I had shouted and explained he could of set the house on fire. So do you think they would of rang social services and that’s what the other number was before. I’m shitting myself now Iv never had Social involved in my life


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