Yes I’m Wearing A Coat,I Know It’s Sunny.


Yes I am wearing a coat.I am aware that the sun is shining and you are visibly hot.

Do I say to you, “wow you look a sweaty mess”

No, no I don’t.

My Children have it as well, but not as bad

So why comment on the fact I am wearing a coat and am clearly not hot!

Does saying, “aren’t you hot”,”Wow you must be mad” etc etc make you feel better? 
I have a condition called Raynauds syndrome, I am never, I repeat never hot.
I wish I could feel warm, but most of all I wish I could go out in public wearing my trousers, t-shirt, jumper and coat without someone passing judgement.
It actually really upsets me that I have never been out in the sun and not had someone comment on something I have no choice over.

I would love nothing more than to walk along the beach in a pair of shorts and a vest top, but this can never happen.

I will spend my entire life cold, my children have it to but it only really affects them in the colder months.
Raynauds syndrome is basically poor circulation, mine is made worse by having pneumonia as a baby. When I get really cold my hands and feet turn orange and purple and then bright white, causing severe pain and I often burn myself due to not being able to feel the temperature. I’ve snapped fingers, had a fit from my head getting cold.

So if you see someone not sweating, the heat not affecting them think twice before commenting. Even if they don’t have this condition, don’t comment on what someone chooses to wear. Comments hurt, they knock people’s confidence and they can make people feel isolated. And I for one some days dread having to leave the house.

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