Read Before You Judge- Elaine Lordan

Elaine Lordan (Lynne Slater – Eastenders) Then & Now ** read til the end before judging her **

I’ve seen a few really horrible, disgusting posts and comments over the last few days and it’s really shown me what a vile, self-centred, judgemental world we live in.

From all the people who think they’re above homelessness to those who look at someone at their lowest ebb and can actually find it funny… is just abhorrent behaviour.

It’s ok to be shocked, who wouldn’t be. These pics were designed by the media to do just that. However if I had a photo of you from 10 years ago and put it alongside one from today .. with no notice given so you could plaster your face in make up, add 42 filters or hide your actual true face by using Snapchat, How do you think you would fare in the media circus or on social media?

Shock doesn’t give you the right to be derogatory about another at their time of need. She’s clearly already going through enough without being hounded by paparazzi and internet trolls.

Two things which are a MAJOR contributor to suicide. Blood on many hands out there.

Before you laugh, judge & say “omg I’d never be like that” … ask yourself if you know their full story.

Just scraping the lid of Elaines past few years of her life ….

1. She was sacked from the soap in 2004

2. 2005 her mum committed suicide by leaping in front of a train

3. Just a few months later her 1 year old son died suddenly, less than a week after his 1st birthday and a few days after Elaines wedding to the father of her child.

4. A couple of years later she fell pregnant again but sadly had a miscarriage

5. A year later, her dad died.

Amongst this she had relationship troubles (as would ANYONE going through that)

Media stuck to her tail day and night just desperate to catch her off guard and if she’s looking ‘happy’ then she’s made to look uncaring.. if she’s looking ‘sad’ then she’s made to look like she’s crumbling and weak.

All this in around 4 short years.

Don’t pertain to be a decent human if you can jump on the bandwagon and ridicule her. Look. Look at her face in the second pic. Look deeply, past the skin and the hollowness. Look in her eyes.

Personally, she’s a woman I want to hug. Not because it would change her life or her problems. But because it’s what her mum would do if she were here.

It’s what her father would do, if he were here.

It’s what her beautiful son would do, if he were here and it’s what her beautiful unborn child would do, if they were here.

However, they’re not. Look at your family and your kids and ask yourself if you can truly say what you would do if you lost them all one after the other.

No-one knows what they would do.

Instead of jumping like vultures to tear her apart further, why not use those vulture wings & turn them into angels wings.. support her and force the media to stop hounding people to the point they’ll kill themselves.

Fight for her to get the help and assistance she needs before it’s too late.

I’m sorry, but I won’t have blood on my hands by hounding people to the point of death. Will you?

credit  Caz Lucas

Author: XGemx

5 thoughts on “Read Before You Judge- Elaine Lordan

  1. Well said , well written !!
    People dont know , how quickly life can change
    Lets support each other, lets show love and kindness

  2. I would never say OMG to her because she has had so much thrown at her throughout the years and I don’t think anyone coming out the other end, that’s if they did, would still look worn out and rough around the edges, we all take things totally differently and should never judge anyone until you know the full story, I personally have had quite a rough life throughout my days but fighting on is what gives me my strength and to those who do judge, get up off your fat arses and help people instead of judging and laughing and thinking it’s clever because you’re in a better place to the moment, and just watch out because this could happen to you in the blink of an eye, depression is like death it doesn’t give you a warning it just turns up and pounds you into the ground, and before you know it you to are in a place where life isn’t treating you nice and your having to fight mentally harder than usual to keep yourself right, so don’t laugh, pick on, or judge, just think and help.Remember only the lowest of the low are the ones that don’t and life will catch them up.

  3. Written supposedly by a women who has put all over Facebook that I’m a coke head and went to rehab which was true but it was after the death of my first husband who I was with for 20 years. The irony

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