Right my other half wants me to have a baby and give it to his sister as she can…

Right my other half wants me to have a baby and give it to his sister as she cant have kids and im not sure what to do?! I feel really sorry for her as she got told yesterday that she cant have kids as her kidneys are really bad and she has loads of other problems! I would see the baby and watch it grow up and when the baby is old enough then we would tell the baby who his/hers real mum and dad are! It would be me and my other halfs baby but it will be his sister and her boyfriend bringing it up so she is a mum as she has always wanted kids x


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  1. It’s somthing I would only do for my sisters and even so I would have to think really hard about it! It’s not an easy choice and please don’t make anyone push you into doing so!

    Maybe you could go through taking her eggs etc? And his sperm? So it’s actually there baby? Xx

  2. I think I would be open to it as a surrogate with her eggs and his/donors sperm just not me and my husbands. If that was the only option I think I would refuse and suggest adoption. I don’t think I could separate myself from my biological child when they are right there in front of me x

  3. If your not comfortable with it then dont go ahead with. Dont get me wrong if one of my sisters couldnt have a child and I could help by having a baby for them I would but its not for everyone. I would also make sure your partner is 100% about it if you both agree on it because at the end of the day if you do decide to go with it and have the baby and realise you cant hand your child over like you taught you would then dont do it as a lot of people are going to get hurt

  4. If i belived my sister would be an amazing mum yet xouldnt have kids id be the first in line having a baby for her but would want full contact as auntie and something in righting to state if anything happens to them ect that i woukd have the child straight back x

  5. Is he mad?! He loves his sister and would do anything to help but there is no way you would cope with that baby being so close to you. Your partner thinks he would cope but he wouldnt. His sister and her partner would be in constant worry you would take baby back. Its a nice gesture but its a set up to a huge family rift

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