If you’re struggling to conceive or trying to conceive below we’ve listed the top 10 sex positions which can boost your chances of getting pregnant.


1) Your old favourite classic, the missionary or as some like to call it ‘boring vanilla’. I’m pretty sure you don’t need me to explain this position but for anyone who is clueless its basically the woman underneath with her legs open. (P.s add a cushion under your bum to tilt you slightly for a deeper penetration!) The man will be on top of you with his arms holding his weight and he will control the movements.


2) Doggy style (woof woof!) You either love or hate this position so if it’s not for you don’t panic you’ve got another 9 positions to choose from! This is self-explanatory, get on all fours like a dog and let your man take you from behind. Don’t forget that back arch! The man will hold your hips to control the thrusting and your welcome to help him along by rocking back and forth.


3) Reverse cowgirl (Yeee harr!) it’s not quite like a cowgirl however do feel free to dress up like one if you fancy spicing it up. Your man will lie on the bed, and you will sit on him facing away from him so your bum is basically in his face. It’s your turn to control the movements on this one so just push up and down.


4) The toad (yes, it’s an unusual name for a sex position) similar to missionary the only difference is you wrap your legs around your man and place your feet on his bum to guide the movements. It’s a very simple position but great for intimacy.


5) Bandoleer (I have no clue why it’s called this but just role with it) get on your back and bring your knees to your chest just like if you were suffering from trapped wind and was trying to release a few farts. Put your feet on his chest and he will put his forearms on your knees. You can just place your hands on his thighs if you want. If you want him to go deeper just pull him in by his thighs. Bonus points in this position…the G spot gets all the action! As your man presses your knees down the pleasure increases. Sounds fun!


6) The Hound…yet again what is with these sex positions relating to dogs. Anyway, the hound just like doggy style you’ll be getting on all fours but just lower yourself so your resting on your forearms instead. The man will like usual penetrate you from behind while, if he wants, cupping your boobies.


7) The peg, if I’m honest it more like ‘the plank’ you’re basically planking on top of your partner. Get him to lie on his back and you lie on top of him controlling the movements. If you’re lucky enough to have a man with a big package this position will allow him not to penetrate you too deeply.


8) From behind. Well unfortunately this is a boring name unlike the rest. Find a wall or some sort of object you can lean on and your man will stand up right and enter you from behind while holding on to your thighs.


9) The grip. This one is good for getting deep! Place a cushion under your bum to raise your hips slightly. Move your pelvis from one side to the other. Your partner can go deep if you’re brave enough.


10) The eagle…. As the saying goes ‘Spread eagle’! Get on your back and spread those legs up high, the man will kneel in between while holding your legs up (what a gentleman, otherwise you wouldn’t last long in this position you’d get leg cramp) this position is fantastic for going deep while the man can have a full view of what’s going on. Cushion under your bum is optional.




These are my top 10 sex positions to help you along with the road to pregnancy…but please enjoy sex! Don’t make it a chore or routine, let loose in the bedroom, go wild and just enjoy yourselves. After all once you have little people running around you’d be lucky if you even get the missionary position!

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