Sheep Can Be Dangerous If You’re Pregnant

Pregnant animals, or those that have recently given birth, may carry germs that can harm pregnant women, such as chlamydiosis, listeriosis, Q fever and toxoplasmosis, some may cause still birth, birth defects or other issues.

These infections are rare in humans but, even so, it is still best to avoid any potential danger. This means no petting farms, milking ewes, delivering or being involved with the birthing of lambs, calves or kids.

Possible contaminated materials such as bedding or clothing should be avoided too and contaminated clothes should be washed on a hot cycle, separate from other washing, you can never be too safe, if you do have to come into contact with animals wear protective gloves and an apron and change your clothes as soon as you can and ensure hands are washed throughly especially before eatingĀ .

If pregnant women have had contact with these animals and notice flu-like symptoms, such as a fever, they are being advised to seek medical advice and to state which animals they have been close to and whether or not the animal was pregnant or had just given birth.

Although the number of human pregnancies affected by contact with sheep is extremely small, it is important for pregnant women to avoid close contact with sheep and other livestock that have recently given birth.

We are not trying to scare woman but are simply trying to make pregnant woman of the potential dangers around farm animals.

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