She’s Too Fat To Be MY Bridesmaid

Do you remember the worst post Mums advice has ever received?

One member messaged in asking how she could tell her “fat” best friend that she didn’t want her to be bridesmaid at her wedding, she was worried that in photographs people’s eyes would be drawn to the larger lady and she would struggle to stand for long periods of time due to her huge thighs.

After hundreds of replies from Mums advice members she still didn’t see reason and continued to argue her case.

Roll on 6 months later, she messaged in again to say she had a fantastic wedding and all her bridesmaids were between a size 6 and 8 and her fat friend wasn’t aware she wasn’t made bridesmaid because of her weight.

But wait it gets better!!!!

The so called “fat” friend messaged in…needless to say they are no longer friends and even commented saying, “I maybe larger than you but at least I don’t have an ugly soul, oh and your husband is cheating on you with his size 14 work colleague.

Do you remember this post?

What would your advice have been?

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