Should The Safe Haven Law Be Introduced In The UK?

Should the safe haven law be introduced in the uk?

For those of you who aren’t aware what safe haven is it is a law in the United states where anyone can abandon their baby at a designated point and hand over all responsibilities of the baby to the state.

According to sources as many as  50 newborns are abandoned in the uk every year with many dying from the cold or exposure so is it time to bring the safe haven law here to the uk?

Since its arrival in 1999 the safe haven law has saved thousands of babies from injury or even death as they are no longer abandoned in bins, alleys and roadsides in the United states but does this law encourage women to not use contraception or be responsible?

The safe haven law allows mothers to take their babies to locations such as fire stations, hospitals, police stations, churches and baby boxes. Places that are manned 24 hours a day, without risk of prosecution for child endangerment or abandonment.

Would further sexual education be a better option? All women over the age of 12 be given compulsory contraception unless trying to conceive?  Many women get pregnant accidentally for many reasons such as contraception failure or rape and go on to ignore’ the signs or hide the pregnancy until it’s too late and end up despairing about what to do with the secret baby.

Introducing this law would surely help those woman to frightened or not willing to raise a baby to make sure that the baby would be cared for in a safe environment or would it bring a rise in abandoned babies to the uk?

Mums advice spoke with several mums about their views on this and the may point they brought up was how would the UK be able to afford these points being manned 24 hours a day, what if the mum changed her mind would she be able to get the baby back? It was also added that mother who leaves their child needs to be seen incase she is in crisis and needs help.

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