Single Mums You’re Ruining It For Dads

Single Mums You’re Ruining It For Dads

How dare you claim Father’s Day as your day!!!

You are not mum and dad you may be raising your child or children alone but that doesn’t mean you magically sprout a penis for half the day, you did not make this hild alone, they have a father and you are not it.

Just because the father of your child has ditched them, done a runner or acted like a total twat it still doesn’t make you a dad.

How sad I felt when I scrolled down my Facebook yesterday and saw several mums congratulating and praising themselves ie “happy Father’s Day to me” or worse using the day to slag off their ex.

Father’s Day is not for you, it is also not for the absent father it is a day to celebrate the amazing father’s who stand by their kids, and are a brilliant role model to their off spring!

There are 365 days in the year to slag off your ex but Father’s Day should not be ruined for us great dads by bitter and twisted single mums who have nothing better to do with their time.

Shut up, grow up, Mother’s Day is for you, birthdays, Christmas for Christ sake you can even claim easter or Valentines’s day┬ábut not bloody Father’s Day.

Next year please keep your bitter rants to yourself, big up the great dads or stay silent, you just look like an idiot when you claim the day for yourself.

Emailed in by Paul Amario

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