Snowflakes Don’t Get Social Media Or Shut Up

Snowflakes Don't Get Social Media Or Shut Up

Stay at home snowflakes, don’t get social media, leave us the hell alone.

“A snowflake is someone who is easily offended or felt they needed a “safe space” away from the harsh realities of the world, but now has morphed into a general putdown for anyone that complains about any subject”.

I am fed up of bloody snowflakes, can’t say anything without someone get offended, like seriously what has happened to the world that everything upsets someone.

Can’t ask if someones baby is a boy or girl as some weirdos want to let their child decide what gender they will be, we must refer to them at theybies, BULL SHIT, your baby either has a penis or it don’t! What is so wrong with being a girl or a boy.

Can’t criticise someones behaviour even if they are being a total cock just in case they have a disability or a rough childhood, Mate if someone is urinating up my car what should I do, bloody smile and them and ask them if they are ok, according to snowflakes I should be more understanding of other people’s needs, oh fuck a duck dear, my car has rights to, the right not to have some cretin piss up it.

Please for the love of all things sane stop getting your knickers in a twist, yes things piss me off (often) but I don’t need to constantly throw the “bullying” card around or the this offends me line or the best one ever “you need Jesus” nah pal he needs me.

If you get that upset and need a poxy trigger warning above each post you clearly are too highly strung to be able to cope with social media, take up knitting Barbara Big Balls.

Vegans go home, Breast is best SHUT UP we know, genderless kids oh bore off.

You bunch of melts its time you lived in the real world, no one will ever have the same views on some subjects and you forcing your shit down our throats won’t change a thing.

Author: XGemx

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