So Tonight I Banned Fortnite

So tonight I banned Fortnite.

From tonight, Fortnite is not allowed in my house.

No more playing it, no more talking about it, no more watching some guy shout about it on Youtube.

Fortnite brings nothing but bad attitude, anger and arguments into my house, and enough is enough.

It’s not my boy’s fault that he thinks Fortnite is ‘sick’. It’s not his fault Fortnite makes him behave a certain way. And it’s not his fault that I’ve finally banned it.

It’s not his fault that he is now going to be left out of conversations in school. And it’s not his fault that peer pressure is going to make him mad at me.

It’s not his fault.

Fortnite brings about an attitude and behaviour that is not okay. It encourages violence and arrogance and self entitlement.

No more.

It’s not his fault, but it’s MY choice.

I’m done. Fortnite has officially LEFT THE BUILDING.



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