So upset, angry and heartbroken. Walked into Liverpool Australia nicu to see my son like this.


So upset, angry and heartbroken. Walked into Liverpool nicu (Australia) to see my son like this. 

I have loved all the nurses, doctors and admin staff in the nicu they have all been amazing and warmed my heart and put me at ease leaving him in their care.

Until this one 

Not only did I walk in to find this, the blanket tucked tight over his face but his nurse right next to him having a good old chat with the other nurse but also his clothes the blanket and bedding covered in dry hard vomit.

I always go in with my camera ready because I always take a picture and send it to his dad. I had actually loosened the blanket before snapping a pic real quick and then completely unwrapping him. There was initially no slack in the blanket at all. 

I changed his nappy his clothes and his bedding, I fed him and his wires were playing up so his machine kept going off. 

I have seen the nurses change his wires before they use a swab to take them off to prevent hurting them and damaging their delicate skin.

Nope not this nurse. 

She came over and just started pulling one off. 

Obviously hurting him and he starts screaming and crying in pain (he now has red blotchy patch where some of his skin has come off too) . I pushed her hands away and said no more. THEN SHE WENT AND GOT THE SWAB.. really why not do that in the first place??

Then when I was breast feeding him he unlatched to have a break and have a breather. She walks over and covers me up, doesn’t say why, doesn’t ask if she could touch me, says nothing just leans over and covers up my breast that I’m feeding him from. She made me feel horrible like I was doing something wrong. 

I’m fuming right now and so stressed out this is the girl looking after not only my precious newborn but other people’s precious little ones.

**It has been reported to his new nurse who is very nice, she stated their management isn’t on till Monday so formal written will be done monday. I have stated that she is NOT to be looking after my son again. If I can help it she won’t be looking after any babies**

Has been reported to his current nurse. 

Will be reported to the manager also and whoever else I need to report it to.

She need a to be removed from the nicu.


  1. There will be someone in charge who needs to be alerted to this. If nurse says management not on duty until Monday then the unit need to find a duty manager that you can talk to. Don’t be fobbed off.

  2. There is a clinical lead there 24hrs a day. Also there is something called an incident form that needs to be filled. Furthermore there is a neonatologist (consultant) 24hr a day, if not on unit then certainly on call! Management do normally work mon-fri, yet clinical staff are 24/7. Put the complaint to their maternity/neonatal risk manager as a formal complaint.

  3. I wish u the best and some thing gets done about this and also make a complaint and a report to every thing and note it down

  4. Hi, I’ve been in this neonatal unit and they don’t have those cots and that’s not their flooring. Can you confirm this actually happened in Liverpool Women’s? Because I have recently left there and it doesn’t look anything like that at all.

  5. I knew it was gonna be the woman’s, doesn’t suprise me. NICU should know better, just keep an eye on him when he goes into the nursery. In fact don’t take your eyes off him till he comes home. Xxx

    • It’s not Liverpool uk it’s Australia. Liverpools women’s and saved both my nieces lives eldest 1lb 14 oz and my youngest niece 1lb 13.5oz (15months between them) there fast acting saved my eldest niece’s life!

      • She was rushed to alder hey and saved thanks to how quick they reacted. Their care was amazing. Can’t 𝑻𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒌 and praise them enough! Neonatal does not get enough credit

  6. My daughter was in NICU & some of the nurses were so beautiful I couldn’t pick any flaws! But this one nurse, I’ll never forget it. She first told me I couldn’t change my babies blow out that was all over her because she only gets a nappy change every 6 hours. When changing my daughters feeding tube she held her down, & used a lot of force. Then stopped & asked me if anyone has had trouble getting a tube down her left nostril. I said no. At this point my daughter had started bleeding. She had not yet learnt how to cry but let out the most gut wrenching scream. The lady just keeps forcing it in & I said “please stop. You’re hurting her!” & she looked me dead in the eye & said “I’ve been in this job for 15 years now. I know what I’m doing.”
    I literally walked out & never in my life have I cried so hard. Noooopee

  7. We are aware that this post has caused some understandable confusion due to the location mentioned in the headline. To provide some reassurance to our patients and families we would just like to clarify that this post does not refer to Liverpool Women’s Hospital in the UK.

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