Someone Please Take My Daughter Away

Someone Please Take My Daughter Away

Someone please take my daughter away

I hate my daughter and I really mean it, Kirsty is 14 years old and a bleeding nightmare, she was diagnosed with ADHD 8 years ago although I don’t believe it’s an actual medical condition it’s just her being a brat.

Kirsty and I live with my mother, Kirsty is a demon she punches, bites, swears like a drunken sailor and does nothing that she is asked to do, she constantly talks back, is rude and genuinely is not a nice person!

She skips school, smokes, drinks and is sexually active with any boy she can get her hands on, I can’t cope with her at all.

The school, social services and police are all involved and I’ve expressed that I don’t want her anymore yet my mum has now taken over legal responsibility for her, which means I still have to live with it!

I am actively looking for somewhere else to live but on my income it seems impossible, I can’t wait til Kirsty grows up and moves away, all the love I used to have for her has gone and just resentment, fear and pain remains.

This girl is not the child I loved all those years ago I am left with an ungrateful, nasty, disrespectful brat, my mum is just as bad to stand by her, she ultimately has chosen a nasty, manipulative, rude girl over her hard-working loving daughter.

Kirsty will never amount to anything she will either be pregnant young and waste her life or more than likely have it taken away from her, I would not be surprised if she ended up in prison, she is the type of person that I would cross the street to avoid she has no hope, just a life of disaster and pain is in her future.

Don’t tell me I’m an awful person to say this about my own daughter but you do not know her you do not see the pain she causes me, does anyone know a way to take the custody away from my mother or a way to have her removed from the house?

Emailed in by Destiny (surname is to remain anonymous)

Author: XGemx

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