Star Projector Nearly Burnt My Daughters Bed

I would like to raise awareness of a seemingly innocent looking toy.

My daughter Evelyn is seven-year old and is scared of the dark, I have tried multiple different night lights but all cast strange shadows on my daughter’s room.

I took Evelyn to our local B and M store in Colchester so she could pick the perfect night-light.

Evelyn choose a ladybird star projector, she has always loved soft toys, and with this light not only is the face and under body soft, it is super cute and gives my little girl comfort with the stars on the ceiling and walls.

The lady bird was working wonders and became one of my little girls firm favourite toys.

Last week I put Evelyn to bed at 8pm as usual, putting on her star projector and I then returned down stairs to continue helping my eldest son with his exam revision, a little overĀ 10 minutes later I heard a gut wrenching scream coming from my little girl, both me and my son rushed up the stairs to see the lady bird on FIRE.

My quick thinking son ran to the bathroom and grabbed the dirty mop bucket and threw the filthy water all over the ladybird, whilst my daughter was still screaming but now being held in my arms.

My son had managed to extinguish the flames coming from the toy, after we had all calmed down and my daughter was safely asleep in my bed, I examined the toy, it appears the battery pack had caught on fire!

The next day when my daughter was at school I phoned the company who makes them, not only to complain but to bring this serious issue to their attention, I was told that I must have used cheap faulty batteries, well No! they were Duracell batteries, I have looked on the internet and I am not the only one to have ha a fire due to this toy, please throw yours away IT IS DANGEROUS

Author: XGemx

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