STOP Pulling Your Baby’s Top Lip Back Over Their Face

STOP Pulling Your Baby's Top Lip Back Over Their Face


Please, STOP pulling your baby’s top lip back over their face, taking photos, and posting them into parenting groups or your to your Facebook friends.

This cannot be diagnosed by a photograph, your GP is the only one who can tell you for sure. Plus, right now, pull your own top lip up towards your nose. Nice and far, the way it’s done in these pictures. Not nice is it? That’s because we’ve all got one, it’s kind of how your face works, and is to do with how we developed in the womb.

Please stop putting your baby through this.


Just stop. Please.

Tongue and lip-tie are common causes of nipple pain, uneven breast drainage, slow weight gain and low milk supply. Many doctors do not properly access for tongue or lip-tie until they are made aware that there could be an issue.

Signs your baby may have a lip tie
•poor latch and suck
•unusually strong suck due to baby using excess vacuum to remove milk
•clicking sound while nursing (poor suction)
•ineffective milk transfer
•infrequent swallowing after initial let-down
•inadequate weight gain or weight loss
•irritability or colic
•gas and reflux
•fussiness and frequent arching away from the breast
•fatigue within one to two minutes of beginning to nurse
•difficulty establishing suction to maintain a deep grasp on the breast
•breast tissue sliding in and out of baby’s mouth while feeding
•gradual sliding off the breast
•chewing or biting on the nipple
•falling asleep at the breast without taking in a full feed
•coughing, choking, gulping, or squeaking when feeding

Lip-ties often accompany tongue-ties, other parents cannot advice you if your child has a lip tie, please see your doctor for an assessment.


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