Stop Using Kids As Weapons and Let Us Men Be Men

Can’t help but notice a lot of women commenting on male suicide. So here’s my two pence, stop using your kids as weapons stop going out getting on the gear and whoring yourself out and then say we are not fit to be parents.

Stop trying to make out that being a red blooded male is a bad thing after all without these traits the human race wouldn’t exist, stop trying to feminize us, or making us feel bad for being us.

Stop being cheating lying gold diggers. Women have the power to completely destroy our hearts minds and souls but also heal all wounds and comfort us in our darkest times.

It has never been harder to be a man in this strange modern world. Everyone should be able to be who they are if they are a red blooded male that’s fine if they are kind and caring that’s fine if they are more feminim than masculine that’s fine everybody should just be them and not try to live up to what tv media and women tell you how you should be.

What the hell do you want us men to do? No matter how we act we are wrong, want us to be in our kids lives stop making it so hard for us to do so, want us to change do ya? Why? when you met us we were fine but now you wanna throw in new rules, new goal posts and then seem surprised when we walk away.

Let us men be men, let us be who we are, shut up with your emotions and neediness

Credit Darren Purslow

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