Stricter Laws Need To Be Made For School Parking

Stricter laws need to be made for school parking.

So you receive a ticket for parking in the wrong area of town or running late to get back to the car park or stopping on double yellow lines, fair enough perfectly reasonable to receive a parking ticket, you took the risk and now you have to pay the cash.

But I do feel there should be far stricter parking fines and punishments for poor parking around schools, after all children’s lives are put in grave danger.

At my children’s school, parents will park over drive ways, pull up on the yellow no stopping marks to drop off children, park on grass verges, corners you name it they park there.

Parking wardens visit occasionally but little is done, it would be great if the school caretaker or a designated person within the school could issue fines or take photographs and pass it onto someone who would punish these inconsiderate and dangerous people.

It would appear to be that many parents would rather park dangerous than be two minutes late to pick up or drop of their own children.

I often see children having no choice but to cross between two parked cars, or mother with buggys having to dodge round cars to get across roads, at my children’s school there is a young boy in a wheelchair whose mum lives opposite the school having to regularly walk 50 yards up the road just to find a free drop kerb to push the wheelchair across.

I don’t think parking in a loading bay or running 5 minutes late to get back to your car should receive the same fine or punishment as risking a child’s life!

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