Taking Folic Acid Could Save Your Babys Life

I would like to share my story with you all on a heartbreaking condition that changed mine and my partners lives forever.

28th December, I took a pregnancy test which confirmed I was pregnant with my second child and my partners first. We were over the moon and couldn’t wait to welcome our first child together! instantly I booked in with my midwife and got our 12 week scan booked! normal pregnancy symptoms, I felt like total crap and was chucking my guts up, I had mood swings and turning into the incredible hulk over the most stupid things. I had some spotting, I panicked due to a previous loss I thought “oh god no, it’s happening again” I went to my doctor and I was then told to go to pregnancy support to be scanned.

I was so relieved when I was told all was okay and we had a healthy heartbeat. I showed my partner our little jellybean on the scan picture I took home and we looked more forward to our 12 week scan.

 At 10 weeks I had another bleed, this time it was more than before, so I rushed to pregnancy support without the doctor’s appointment and waited in the waiting room. somehow deep down I knew there was something wrong, I thought my baby was gone for sure this time.

I lay on the scanning bed and saw my baby on the screen, heartbeat was so strong and healthy… I just remember sitting grinning from ear to ear that my baby was still with us, only to turn and look at the sonographer who didn’t share the same smile, she looked concerned. she called for a second opinion when they dropped the bombshell that our babies skull looked as though it wasnt developing correctly.

I was sent home to wait for 2 weeks for my 12 weeks scan to be told what I already knew. our baby was diagnose with anencephaly, a fatal condition. a neural tube birth defect where babies skull and part of the brain doesn’t develop.

I had to make the most heartbreaking choice that no parents should ever have to make, I had to end our babies life. I was admitted into hospital to be induced, 10 hours later our baby had arrived. so small, but so peaceful. we spent time with the baby and cradled the tiny babe like they were truly here. we touched him/her spoke to them, wrapped them up in a blanket. no matter the circumstances our little baby was here and we loved them with all our hearts, the time we had with them was so short but so precious to us and we will never ever forget it. leaving the hospital was the hardest thing we have ever had to do as it was truly goodbye, we will never get to hold our beautiful baby again.

Anencephaly and Acrania are two conditions that doesn’t get spoken about enough, I didn’t even hear of them until it happened to me! woman who are trying to conceive need to know that neural tube defects happen within 23-26 days after conception and folic acid is the one thing that can prevent this from happening to your beautiful babies. take the right dosage for you, speak to your doctor and see if your taking the right amount. I was on 400 mcg and I was supposed to be on 5mg. if I had known my baby might still be here and be healthy and have that chance of life.

Woman need to know how important this is, I cant cope knowing there are woman out there that are going through what we have just been through. so I feel I need to share my story with everyone, so I know I have made a positive out of such a dark time.

Please share, the more people who see this the better. it might help someone 😊 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take your folic acid ladies xx

Poster wishes to stay anonymous. If you would like to share your story with us or raise awareness email mumsadviceltd@outlook.com

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