Thank you. I’m not really looking for advice sadly I’m here just for some comf…


Thank you.

I’m not really looking for advice sadly I’m here just for some comfort from someone. I’m in a 4 year relationship. We have a 2 year old together. I left my family and moved 8 hours away so he could get a job that makes better money. Iv been poorly for a while now and was told on Thursday it could be very serious. My partner and I had an argument and during this is when I told him what I could be possibly facing health wise. I had to get a procedure done yesterday and I had to take the baby with me as he went to the football and went out for the night. I ended up bleeding on the walk home quite heavy so it came through my trousers. I felt so embarrassed for my son having to be seen with me like that The argument has continued all weekend band despite the fact that I’m scared shitless about what might be happening to me he’s just not interested. All he keeps saying is “I’m
Not arguing with you” I don’t want to argue I want to not be dealing with this alone I don’t want to keep feeling alone all the time. Iv been living here 2 and a half years and don’t know a single person. I was left yesterday to walk through town covered in blood because I had no one to phone to come help me. Iv tried talking to him today telling him how scared I am and how hurt I am that he’s picked continuing an argument over supporting me in what’s one of the worst times iv ever had. He’s been out drinking with his friends all
Weekend. All I can think is how can you be out laughing and joking when you know there’s a possibility I’m really sick.

We had a massive overpayment from tax credits which means if I leave I won’t have any way of surviving this is his house. My hearts broken I can’t stop crying I never thought anyone would leave someone to deal with this kind of thing alone. I just want someone to cuddle and cry to instead I’m alone with no one. I have to watch him leave to go off out every night leaving me totally alone.
I’m absolutely devastated.
My mum died when she was my age, my Gran died when I was pregnant and she was always my one person who was there no matter what. I feel like I don’t deserve any love because I have no one. All I do is cry. I’m stuck in this situation and I really don’t know how I’m going to handle much more of it.


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